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The Rancher's Daughter MT

Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef

Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef

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We will have more wholes, halves, and quarters available in early March!

Buying a quarter, half, or whole is the best way to ensure you get the cuts you want. When you reserve your beef, we will provide you with a cut sheet so you can determine exactly which cuts you will bring home. It’s also the most cost effective, since we don’t have to store and market the beef.

This is a deposit only. The remaining cost will be determined at time of pick up based on weight. Price is determined based on hanging weight and we pay the processing fee.

$5.75/lb for quarters

$5.25/lb for halves

$4.75/lb for wholes

The beef is grain finished and raised on Karoline's family’s operation in Townsend, Montana. The cattle are antibiotic free, raised on grass until the last 120 days. They are then fed a ration of corn, potatoes and silage designed by a professional nutritionist.

If you have questions about buying bulk beef, please contact us. We would be happy to help you determine what is right for you.

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