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The Rancher's Daughter MT

Bison Lovers Box

Bison Lovers Box

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Experience amazing taste of bison with our thoughtfully curated Bison Sampler.

Inside the Wild Bison Sampler, you'll discover:

🥩 1 Pound of Bison New York Steaks

🌭 2 Pounds of Bison Breakfast Sausage: Start your mornings with a burst of wild flavor! Our Bison Breakfast Sausage is lean, delicious, and perfect for creating hearty breakfast dishes that will fuel your day.

🍔 2 Pounds of Ground Bison

🥩 2 Pounds of Bison Ribeyes

From its distinctive taste to its lower fat content and higher protein levels, bison is truly nature's gift to food lovers.

(Note: Weights mentioned are approximate and may vary slightly.)

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